About MBDS

Mount Bachelor Design Studio (MBDS) has been a staple in Bend since Howard Spector founded our architectural firm in 1998. Our team uses an integrated approach that focuses on the design process—how homes function, what they can look like, and how they can work better. We specialize in residential projects, designing custom homes that range in size from 2,000 to 6,000 square feet. During the design process, we study the site, the surrounding area, and do our best to blend with (not overwhelm) the site and neighborhood. From the form to the proportions, we are detail-oriented. 

Mount Bachelor Design Studio team

our team

Since the beginning, our firm has thrived on the architectural expertise of our team members.
We’re a small, but dedicated group.

Howard Spector

Principal Architect

Howard has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Colorado and has practiced in California and Oregon since 1978. He started his career in Rancho Sante Fe, California. In 1992, Howard moved to Central Oregon and opened MBDS in 1998.

Matt Burke

Senior Project Designer

Matt has been with MBDS since 2002 and serves as our Senior Project Designer. Matt has a BA in Environmental Design from the University of Washington and a Masters from ASU. He spent many years designing commercial and residential projects for various architectural firms in Central Oregon before joining MBDS. He brings to the table a wealth of experience and design expertise.

Donovan Donnally

Project Manager

Donovan has been with MBDS since 2007 and serves as our Project Designer. His unique approach and varied prior experience make him invaluable to our team. Donovan has extensive construction experience in both residential and commercial environments, as well as framing and computer modeling capabilities.


At our core, we are a collaborative firm. We listen to our client’s needs and work with them throughout the process to create a home design that both meets their goals and seamlessly integrates with the surrounding area. Working with Mount Bachelor Design Studio you can expect quality, care, and an expert touch.